Summer Services

Establishing and maintaining a healthy lawn is one of the least expensive things you can do to improve the value of your home. Besides creating a beautiful landscape, it creates a safer and more pleasing recreational area.

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  • Spring Clean Up - starting at $150. This includes blowing out your flower/shrub beds, raking/blowing leaves and debris, de-thatching the lawn, mowing, and trimming.
  • Lawn De-thatching - Thatch, if not removed, will build up and not only prevents nutrients from being absorbed into the soil but also causes water to run off rather than being absorbed. Our crews will use a power rake that has three rows of tines that rotate to remove this thatch. Thatch will then be collected and disposed of off-site.
  • Lawn Aeration Services - starting at $125. Our crews will use a walk behind plug aerator that pulls plugs out of the ground thereby breaking up hard compacted soil. This allows nutrients, air, and water to be readily absorbed into the grass root system, thereby producing a much healthier lawn. These plugs can be removed or left to decompose and provide nutrients back into your lawn (recommended).
  • Spray Green - starting at $16/ 1000 square ft. A liquid fertilization service that is safe for the environment, your family, your pets and serves as pest control! Learn more about Spray Green here!